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Atmospheric Remote Sensing Laboratory

1. Comparison of ground-based and satellite measurements with results of three-dimentional numerical modeling of the atmosphere

In the last decades various three-dimensional numerical models of atmospheric gaseous composition (Chemistry-Climate Models CCM), which allow to modeling the spatial-temporal variations of climate-imfluencing minor gas components (MGC) of the atmosphere and to forcasting climate changes are been developed. In particular, these models are used for estimating the time of the ozone layer repairing and often often yield significantly various results. In this regard the validation and improvement of models by the comparison of simulation results with experimental data for different regions of the globe are extremely important.

Long-time and regular measurements of atmospheric MGCs in Remote Sensing Laboratory give a possibility to perform extensive comparisons of data of ground-based measurements and results of the modeling.

Comparison of experimental ground-based measurements by Fourier spectrometer and calculations by EMAC (ECHAM/MESSy Atmospheric Chemistry) model for methane, 3, HNO3, HCl and NO2. Results of such comparison for methane (20092012) and other above climate-influencing gases are given in Fig. 4.1 and in Fig. 4.2. Simultaneous comparison of ground-based, satellite (MIPAS) measurements and the modeling of ClONO2 content is presented in Fig. 4.3.

Principal papers

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