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3. Validation of satellite measurements of atmospheric parameters

At present the main information on characteristics of atmospheric gaseous composition arrives from various observation systems (ground-based, airplane, baloon and satellite). Certainly, the satellite system of monitoring the atmospheric characteristics is the most important component of global observation system. Practical use of satellite measurements has become possible only after the careful analysis of their compliance to required accuracy standards on the basis of the intensive coordinated studies on validation of satellite data. Comparison of satellite data with collocated (in time and space) independent measurements (ground-based, airplane, baloon, local, etc.) is very important for estimating the real accuracy of satellite measurements.

In Remote Sensing Laboratory, intensive comparisons of ground-based and satellite data on atmospheric parameters are carried out for the validation of satellite measurements. List of satellite devices which were validated (and considered parameters) is given in Fig. 3.1.

Examples of such validation of satellite data are presented in Fig. 3.2, 3.3. Comparison of mean daily HCl total columns at Peterhof from satellite (MLS) and ground-based measurements is given in Fig. 3.2. Fig. 3.3 demonstrates similar comparison of ground-based (FTIR and DOAS) and satellite (OMI) measurements of stratospheric NO2. Comparison of Bruker NO2 column measurements with ground-based (DOAS) and satellite data is presented in Fig. 3.4.

Total ozone content (TOC) is regular measured at stations of the ozone network. Three instruments (Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometers, M-124 ozonometer) are the instrumental basis of the network. Voeikovo station (MGO) is equipped by two last instruments. Therefore comparison of TOC measurements by Fourier spectrometer Bruker, taken at station Peterhof, with independent ground-based (MGO) and satellite measurements is of undoubted interest. Temporal variations of the total ozone from ground-based (BRUKER and M-124) and satellite (OMI, SCIAMACHY) measurementsduring January, 2012 in Fig. 3.5.

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