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Review of scientific studies

Studies at the laboratory are carried out in the following lines:

1. Ground-based remote measurements of atmospheric characterictics:

1.1. Spectroscopic studies of climate-influencing atmospheric parameters (temperature and humidity of the troposphere, cloud liquid water content, total content of greenhouse, ozone-depleting and contaminating gases, optical and microphysical characteristics of atmospheric aerosols, etc.).

1.2. Local measurements of near-surface concentrations of climate-influencing gases.

1.3. Comparisons of different methods and apparatus for measuring the gases composition of the atmosphere.

1.4. Development and refinement of remote measurement methods.

1.5. Studies of temporal variations of climate-influencing atmospheric gases.

2. Satellite remote methods:

2.1. Development of methods, algorithms and software for interpreting satellite measurements of climate-influencing parameters (vertical profiles of temperature, humidity, cloud liquid water content, greenhouse gases, surface temperature, etc.).

2.2. Interpretation of satellite IRFS-2 and MTVZA measurements.

2.3. Validation of satellite measurements of atmospheric parameneters.

2.4 Comparison of ground-based and satellite measurements with results of three-dimentional numerical modeling of the atmosphere.

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